Q: Will the original parts be returned?

A: Yes, all original parts are returned. Even worn out gaskets and scratched crystals.

Q: What warranty do you provide?

A: All work comes with a 1 year warranty. This warranty excludes straps, bracelets, crystals, wear due to normal use, old gaskets that wear out, damage due to misuse, excessive wear or abuse (accidental or intentional), or use under conditions which exceed the original water resistance rating. This warranty does not cover modifications and/or repairs done by other parties and such modifications or repairs, opening of the watch for any reason by any party other than by NEWW, or transfer of ownership of the watch beyond the original owner, immediately voids this warranty. In the case of a warranty issue, please contact NEWW via email.

Q: Where is NEWW located?

A: NEWW is located in Rhode Island. We are a web based, mail order service only. There is no storefront. This keeps our overhead low, a savings which is passed on to the customer.

Q: Can you add a logo, remove text or design a custom dial for me?

A: No. NEWW does not alter dials, design or manufacture custom dials. Custom designs require minimum orders and NEWW is not involved in the manufacturing process.

Q: Will my watch maintain its water resistance rating?

A: Yes. There is no magic to water resistance or special factory seal. As long as the gaskets are in good condition, the case and case back are not rusted or pitted to begin with, and a watch is properly closed and crystals of equal or greater thickness are used, the water resistance rating is not affected. All crystal installations are tested up to 10 ATM. It is very rare for a watch to fail testing, In over 11 years of modifying watches,  over 1800 crystal installations and thousands of watches modified, the exact number of customers who have contacted NEWW to report that their watch leaked while snorkeling, diving, surfing or swimming is: 0 (zero). 

Frequently Asked Questions