Watch Services

  • Hands installation / replacement/ alignment - $30
  • Dial Installation or dial and hands installation - $45, day/date installation $55
  • Battery replacement - $20 (includes battery and water resistance testing to  10 ATM)
  • Battery change only - $10
  • Seiko Kinetic capacitor (new generation, Lithium-Ion) replacement (includes capacitor)- $45-$55 depending on model (includes capacitor and water resistance testing to 10 ATM)
  • Bezel insert installation/ replacement / realignment - $25
  • Crystal and or crystal gasket replacement - $35 (crystal and gasket if needed are not included). Includes water resistance testing to 10 ATM. Sapphire crystal upgrades available for most sizes, up to 32mm x 2.5mm thick, but sizes up to 36mm may be possible.
  • Crown, pusher, stem replacement / refitting - $15
  • Caseback and crown gasket replacement - $15 (includes water resistance testing to 10 ATM)
  • Bracelet sizing - $15 (screws, pins, pins and sleeves, all types, including Marathon SAR, Omega, Seiko, etc..)
  • Bead blasting watch case - $60 Includes labor for removal of bezel insert, movement, etc.. and water resistance testing to 10 ATM after reassembly. NEWW does not refinish cases. Deep scratches, dents and dings will remain after bead blasting.
  • Bracelet bead blasting - if satin or polished $60, if  brushed finish bracelets $75,  Clasps / buckles - $10
  • Water resistance testing to 10 ATM (100 meters) $10 (Included with crystal install and major modification work) We do not certify watches for diving, only verify a watch at the rated water resistance up to 10 ATM for owner peace of mind.
  • Sweep seconds hand tipped red, yellow, orange, green, blue $7
  • Seiko  chapter ring installation - $35 (many models require crystal removal, includes water resistance testing)

All prices are for labor only and do not include parts (unless specified) or return shipping.

NEWW does not sell watches, service movements, apply PVD or Cerakote coatings or alter or re-lume dials.